P & D Designs Incorporated is a company that specializes in ladies high fashion roller handbags. Our unique and functional handbags are great for that professional businesswoman, busy mom, new college girl and elderly grandmother. The retractable handle and in-line wheels allows easy rolling capability and storage when not in use. These roller handbags are practical, highly functional and affordable with a luxurious look.

No longer will there be a need for wasteful plastic bags, boring briefcases, heavy knapsacks or big heavy shoulder purses. These lightweight, attractive roller handbags are great for those airplane trips, car outings, train excursions, and even sea voyages. It easily carries clothes, toiletries; make up bags, wallets, keys, heavy textbooks, laptops, baby bottles, diapers, groceries and other purchased goods without the cumbersome of an additional shoulder handbag.

The collection’s outer body is made from PU and man made materials, while the lining is 100% cotton. They are designed with versatility to complement any attire or occasion with a variety of colors and styles. These eye-catching roller handbags are fun and fresh, perfect for the casual, sporty and professional women.

We have a style and price range for any customer and look forward to speaking to you regarding your requests. Thank you for your time and consideration of our designer bags on wheels.